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its like, duhhhhhhhhhhhhh

synja: i dunno what it is about you..every time you message me i get the urge to move to california..
xangelicdestinyx: CAUSE I RULE
xangelicdestinyx: duh

i have to pee. dont i always. i have food, so im thinking about eating it. though, i my be hungry in the morning, and i really shouldnt be stuffing my face. i ate a few hours ago. ill hold off for a bit. hopefully i wont be awake by the time i get reeeally hungry. i think ill have an ensure and watch one of the dvds ive seen 23457893590786 already, but watch over and over cause i dont have anything better to do.

im thinkin i reeeeeeeally need to pay off my credit card. i dont know what i wanna do. get a normal job till the end of the year, or somethin? get a part time normal job? the thing about any normal job is itll fuck with my being able to take jobs id want. "well be shooting hollywood for 4 days". chances are id be working at least one of those 4 days. the student loans i can deal with. sorta. im already making payments on those, theyre not so bad cause the interest is way lower than my credit card and the numbers dont change. with my credit card, just as ive convinced myself its not gonna be so bad, i look at the bill and think, "WHO THE FUCK HAS BEEN USING MY CREDIT CARD?$#@!$!@#@$#!". once thats clear i can pay jeff back and work on the student loans. holy shit, then i can buy a decent car, house n all that good stuff. thatd be niiiiiiiiice, but soooooooo farrrrrrr awaaaaaay. oh, well. credit card. just pay that fucker off, and jeff. then ill only have normal bills n junk like that. thats tolerable, i guess. this fuckin credit card isnt. it neeeeeeeds to go awayyyyyyy. thinking about it makes me craaaaaaaaazy.

i cant take it anymore. must go potty. fuckin coffee. its been a while.

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