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do you think you can dooo-ooo-ooo me.

chatting with mr.gosh and my lesbian hoe bag (the chick i was quoting). just woke up. brushed my teeth, while i made coffee. thinking about actually doing the laundry this time. there is soooooooo much of it. 10 loads, at least. i dont wanna sit a a laundromat all day!$@#!$#! but once i do it, itll be done and i can be free. or some shit like that. when i get my own place im just make shelves n shit and keep everything in there. i dont want anything in the room. being surrounded by crap drives me crazy. not knowing where things are drives me crazy. having to find something before i leave the house, then coming home to that mess drives me crazy. everything must have its place. i want my own washer and dryer as well. i hate having to somewhere and sit around to have clean clothes. its have been done already if could do it in my underwear.

speakin of. gotta buy some. none of mine fit anymore.

i am soooooooo getting rid of this computer and buying a laptop. awww, im gonna miss my stupid computer, but i want a fuckin laptop, damnit. thatll be my mission after i conquer this laundry. clean out the computer, and burn disks. reformat the thing, put it in a new case, order myself a laptop, then sell this.

i just remembered. i need email pictures i took on set to some of the actors, and the owners of the ranch. bet they think i forgot about them. i should have taken more pictures the last day. wish id have gotten shots of the kids. they were so cute. bailey colored a picture and gave it to me. shes sooooooooo cute and smart. now i wanna go visit bailey. maybe john will hook me up with some production companys so i can come back. hes cool, but i think he was hittin on me. baileys dad was cool too. he was like, "why you guys sittin out here. go in the house. watch some tv. the door is open". we were like COOOOOOOL, but we didnt cause we were workin. niiiiiiice fuckin house, though. i still cant get over how cool everyone was. *everyone*. i dont think ive ever been aruond so many people from europe though. the accents were confusing the shit out of me. i was always trying to figure out who was from where just by their accents. the director was from england, and liked the way he always said "got it". im so easily amused. just like mrs. hay when she says mascara. its so cute.

guess id better go do laundry soon. before the freaks come out. do laundry, put laundry somewhere, go buy some underwear and maybe paint brushes, clean computer... i know. go through receipts and paperwork. i need something to organize that stuff. maybe if i drink enough coffee i can get all this done by tomorrow. all i really wanna do is nap, but ive been doing too much of that. gotta get this shit done or else im just gonna more, and more shit to do and having a ton of shit to do just makes me want to be lazy.

speaking of zoe, she just left me vmail about a fund raiser i agreed to do. ive never heard her sound so american. that was weird. shes so cute.

ok, im full of coffee, goin to do laundry. good timing too, cause my mom just started bitching at me to get off the computer. talkin about how shes not getting any phone calls. like anyone is trying to call her ass.

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