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i did 4 of those black trash bags wort of laundry. i think it was 6 loads in the 350lb washers. it was all done in 2 hours. 2 FUCKIN HOURS. i thought i was gonna be there all day. i could have done it all in one, but i did my whites first, then got hypnotized by it going rooooooound and rooooooooound. i didnt even start the others till after that was done. i didnt spend the entire time watching my whites go round and round, i was filling up the other washer and getting change. im glad that's over with. now i can go to the store, and ... oh, yeah clean the computer. no, wait. go through papers first. computer last. computer evil.

what else. oh I almost got that glue out of the rug. awwwwwyea. i think ill be able to get it all out. michelle said that shes never gotten it out of anything and my rug is fucked. ill laugh if it get it all out. she cute. she was the key makeup artist on dahmer. the guy i interned for on the pbs thing with worked on it too for a bit, too. she was a student of his once upon a time. they rule. very cool people. oh my god. people i actually like. this is fuckin insane.

im still full from the coffee. im all hyper too. i dont know what i want to do. i dont really want to go to the store this second, but i dont really have much else to do. maybe. i dont know. what should i by? underwear... underwear... is that all i wanted to get? fuck that, ive got undies. maybe i should buy a bra. its been a while since ive worn one of those. its a good thing i aint got noooo boobs.

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