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oh look, you get to be in a post. try not to jizz yourself.

i dont know when i passed out, but i woke up around 3am, i think. jag was on, glen was on, gerrrrrra was, on jonathan was on, though "away" i think. LOTS OF PEOPLE, MAN. anyhow, jag was telling me that hed just had a dream about me, woke up and came to see if i was on. then aim broke. it would not let me talk to certain people. it was driving me crazy. so then im page jag to call my house. nothing. then i start blowing up his phone. nothing. called and left vmail. im like, "WTF THIS FUCKER HAD THE THING ON THE CHARGER WHEN WE HUNGUP IN THE MORNING, AND HE AINT GOT NO FRIENDS. SO WHY THE FUCK AINT HE PICKIN UP?$#!@$?@#!?" i hate waiting. though, i do enjoy throwing tantrums. im all goin nuts trying to msg him from other screen names, n shit. had gerra msg him. NOTHING. just as im like, "oh, well", i get his mail. he mailed 3 different email addresses. none of which were ones i actually read or send mail from. duhhh.wanted to say hi, that he posted ( pffft. *one* of the finest?) and went to bed. !$#@!$#!@#$! jag gets sad when i dont mention him, so im supposed to tell you that i spoke to him for a very long time on the phone friday evening/saturday morning. i forget what we were talking about though. i remember something about him being sorry and regretting it for the rest of his life. he also says he wants to move to california and have my babies. he asked that i mention how smart, cute and funny he is, but... uhhh... i dont think so.

so, i went and got my hair cut and extensions. yay for sonia (! ive been trying to get a decent picture of it. it person it looks "betta" (as zoe would say. as one of her instructors would say "itis muddy. you vill do it again"). think ill shower and try again when the sun comes up. im so glad it wasnt a traumatic experience for me. i only lost about an inch or two, i think. it feels much better and thicker because of the new hair. im gonna have to start getting my hair cut more often.

might get a job this week. in an fx shop, so thatd be coooool. so im keeping my fingers crossed. ill find out more tomorrow. which reminds me. i need a gas mask. anybody know where i can buy a decent one? holy shit. just did a search on google. theyre expensive and ugly. some are kinda cute, but i want a cooooool one, damnit.

weve gone over this before, but i look like a fuckin elf. if i get bored enough, ill show you exactly what i mean.

awwwyea. i have clay. i forgot all about it. yay.

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