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daaaaaaaaamn baby, whaaaaaaaats uuuuuup.

sorry, i just felt like saying that.

i wanted to go to this thing on sat, but forgot about it, then last night glen invited me and i was like YOU SHOULD HAVE INVITED ME LAST NIGHT THATS WHEN I WANTED TO GO. its a shame he doesnt live loser. he said hed make me food if i came over. yay for guys that cook, cause i dont.

i cant believe my car isnt giving me anymore problems. no more funny noise, and i didnt even do shit. oh, well. i keep expecting it to come back, but so far it hasnt.

got me some undies, that will hopefully fit. if they dont im gonna have to buy childrens undies, and date a pedafile :o\

i was so close to buying an airbrush at the art supply. they didnt have many, so i said fuck it. ill just go to the airbrush store like i had originally planned, then order the compressor.

i also havent ordered that tv. i guess will see about this job. it seems like im already in, but who knows. maybe i wont get the meeting after all, or maybe theyll hate me. who knows.

i want to put make-up on someone, but if i actually had someone here i bet id blank out. "hrm. what do i want to do with your face". i hate that. sometimes i think things through too much. i dont know. if anyone wants me to do something to their face, they should let me know, cause im bored.

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