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i was being tested?

glen says i passed the beauty test. wtf? i didnt do anything differently. also, linda complemented me on my lipstick. IVE HAD THAT LIP LINER FOR YEARS AND NO ONE HAS EVER SAID SHIT. she freaked when i took it off. she was like "noooooo dooooont dooo it", but i did. dont know why, but i didnt feel like wearing lipstick anymore. my lips are super colorful anyway, so it doesnt matter. zoe used to say that if i were to be on something and thay wanted a "clean beauty" type look on me, theyd have to take the color of my lips down, rather than pump it up. i did wear blush, though. ive never worn blush before. whats funny is linda thought im doin the massage therapist thing, cause i hadnt spoken to her in a long time. i didnt even know linda was gonna be there, but glen called her and said "naomis comin out" so she got all dressed up (i swear. like my leaving the house is a special occasion) and came to the club. she called and left me vmail saying she heard i was coming out and that shed be meeting me there, but i didnt get it till just now. so it was like, "oh, shit. lindas here". we found that we were having opposite problems. my pants were falling off, and her skirt was too tight. she couldnt zip the back up all the way, so she kept her jacket on. i had to hold my pants up cause they stretched out while i was driving, and were falling off. then lucian gave me the chain to his wallet and i used that as a belt for the rest of the night. dave was there. i went to the hotsprings with glen and dave a while back. i wanted to kill dave. he was driving me crazy. anyhow, dave was tolerable this time. so tolerable i didnt know it was him until i introduced him to linda and he said his name. then i was like "heyyyyyy, are you..." that was funny. he came out to chat with me and i didnt even know who he was. saw dwaine. didnt ignore him this time. he seemed to be in a foul mood, kinda. not as hyper as usual. say hell make food if i come over. awwwwwwyea. oh, and glen is gonna order vegiwok right now. guess id better get goin then. dude. glen a dwaine live near each other. lunch with glen, dinner with dwaine? haha. just kidding. im still waiting to hear about the fx shop thing. he said today by today we should know whats up. damn, if i get this it would rock so hard. id have a job!$%!@#@#! even if it pays crap, its better than nothin. so i guess last night was cool. didnt get drunk. did get stoned, however. maybe next time ill get drunk. i hope i dont feel sick. havent been eating so much lately cause it feels like ill be sick if i do. but i gotta eat i guess, so id better shower and get dress. glen says hes gonna make me fat, but i doubt thatll be possible in one day. mmm, vegiwok. its been a long time.

when i got home...

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