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started this post, but didnt finish

jag: fucking don't smoke, it'll ruin your looks
jag: not to mention kill you

nice, huh.

jag: i'll gut you like a fish
xangelicdestinyx: pffft
jag: dude, not kidding
jag: that retard from your journal asked me that
jag: "would you really have killed her if she cheated on you", i have no idea why
xangelicdestinyx: hahahha
jag: he tried insulting me with that, its not like i would have, i'd just have been sad for a long time, forever, who knows
jag: well shit
jag: maybe i wasn't supposed to let you know that

steve got dumped...

Bagamaagan: heh heh, i just realized I'm back to you being the closest thing in my life to an actual girlfriend :-D maybe it was really like that for the last 2 months too and I was too retarded to realize my illusions
Bagamaagan: oh well
xangelicdestinyx: HAHAHAHA

that actually got me thinkin... craaaaaaazy.

so im still waiting. waiting, waiting, waiting. forever fuckin waiting. guess im supposed to meet with this guy on monday about a movie for 3 weeks. ill have to go on location, so no computer for me :o\ i wish id heard from brian, sooner. they want to meet with me, but i dont know when. hopefully thell call monday. preferably eeeearly. i dont want to have to flake on anyone last min, but ive been waiting sooo long, and it wasnt my idea to do this movie. its also not my problem they dont have anyone in the bag yet. i suppose i could pass the project on to someone else if the shop thing goes through. i dont know. depends. i still dont know whats up with either of them. lalala. think ill do the movie, though. if they dont fuck with my day rate. the shop is supposed to be super busy and in need of some help, but maybe itll be cool. i just want to know where my money is gonna be coming from for the month of november. also, if take over for connie on this film i might be able to get a day or two on the one shell be working on. itll look good on paper and i might get to meet selma hyack, so thatd be cool.

i ate ate ate (mom ordered pizza) yesterday, hoping itd be ok. was sick all night. feel fine now, though. im hungry, but not really. i think vive just gotten used to it. before id want to kill, now it sorts just feels like a spasm. maybe i should eat something and see what happens. damn me, for not ordering sushi.

so ive decided not to order a tv/vcr just yet. i really want an airbrush, and if im gonna be blowing money i will only justify one thing, not two. which reminds me, i should probably try to sell some of my crap and this computer. gonna get a laptop once the prices start droppin. whats sad is when my computer was built it was worth way more than the laptop ill probably buy.

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