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i dont really like meeting people online, but ive been chattin with this dude. he seems nice, funny, and not entirely bad lookin from what i can tell. im thinkin i should meet him. hrmmm. i dont know. theres gotta be something horribly wrong with him. oh, and i asked him to recommend a song for me to download. he also listens to good music. mmm, good music. i asked him why he chose those songs and he said "because it makes me want to listen with my eyes closed". exxxactly. it was really hard to get answers out of him though, cause he kept saying "i dont think we have the same tastes in music". i was like just shut the fuck up and pick a song. then he was all "i was right, wasnt i?" when i asked him why he chose those songs. he cares far too much about what the world thinks, i can tell that much. he even asked about something last night, and i told him that hes fucked for even caring. at least he agreed. i dont know. well see.

so i did feel a bit sick, but not as much as before. youd think if i ate something, icky id have passed it by now. so i dont know what the deal is.

i wanna go somewhere, but im not sure where. maybe i should start with the grocery store.

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