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jags out of his fuckin mind

he thinks that he is special. like things will just work out in his favor because, heeeeeees jaaaaaaag. can you believe he thinks i should be waiting around for him? naomi shouldnt go be with other people because jag "loves" naomi, and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. though, jag didnt give a shit when naomi was right there. cause jag doesnt really care about anyone other than himself. jag wants naomi and naomi should feel bad about wanting be with someone else, because naomi is supposed wait to marry jag and put up with his crap forever. everything that comes out of his mouth is still bullshit. its amazing i even keep contact. he useless to me. only time he can ever be bothered is when hes lonely and/or sad. if i call him, hes busy. doing who the fuck knows what, he says homework, yet fails classes and gets kicked out of school. he fuckin feels special cause i call, but i just want someone to talk to. he sure as hell cant be bothered, but dont find someone else. no, dont do that! thats not the way its supposed to be!!! poooooooor jag. boo fuckin hoo.


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