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i want an airbrish and a wig. if i had 300$ to blow right this second, id buy those things. maybe i should just buy hair and make my own wig. but making a wig takes like, shit, days. i dont know if im in to that. probably not. well, ok, depending. if i ever shave my head ill defiantly make my own wigs, cause there isnt a chance in hell im gonna spend all that money on a decent wig or walk around on a a cheapo one. which reminds me. i want to shave my head. im sure the world is sick of my bitching about it, but damnit, i want to. if my head wasnt so fuckin big i wouldnt have any hair on my head. oh well. yeah, i should just buy some hair and lace. i wonder if if my mom can follow directions well enough to fit my head. though, i guess now wouldnt be the greatest time to fit it, considering. so i guess ill buy a cheapo wig, and play with that. i keep drawing people different hair styles, now i just gotta figure out how to do em. shouldnt be hard. its just hair. i think itll be fun. and itll give me something i do when i dont have someone with skin around to play with. at least i wont have to cut it, though i probabbly will. i dont like cuttin hair, really. i used to do it for my friends. wed always be in a hurry to go somewhere and theyd want their hair cut. now bleaching and coloring hair is sorta fun. i like doin that. but i aint got no license, so id never be able to charge for that. i wonder if youre allowed to use chemicals on hair during and apprenticeship. i bet you are. i should get someone to hook me up at day spa. i wonder if massage therapist insurance covers me for stuff other than massage. or would i have to buy insurance for each thing individually. i dont think so. its all from the same people, anyway. ill have to check on that. damn. i just need something fun to do when im sitting here by myself. i dont like to put makeup on myself, and i cant exactly see the back of my head, im getting bored with paper, i dont feel like messing with paint, so a wig it is. i should probably buy an airbrush before i buy a wig, but ill probably end up with a wig first. colin said hell sell me some of his wigs for cheap cause he done need all of them. ill do that instead. then i wont feel as bad about spending the money and screwing it up. i bet i could make a cheapo wig in a day. i wonder if they sell the piece without the hair to make things easy on me. i should just probably buy some cheap lace.

fuckin beata had to call. she was supposed to cut my hair, then never called. she saaaaaays she had to go to chicago for a bit, but i dont know if im buyin it. oh well. guess ill see he at school this weekend.

ive got pizza. hope i dont feel sick afterwards.

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