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fuck this. im so annoyed with myself now. i could have had so much fun with a halloween costume, but im a tard and was like fuck it. now wish id done something. shit, i wish i could fuckin DO something right now. im bored as hell, and i wanna get ill$@#!$ i could be making something simple like horns or teeth, at least, but i dont have supplies. im also kinda pissed cause i was gonna make a some sort of funky hair thing, but decided against it cause they didnt have the colors i wanted. now i wish i had. shit. fuck. damn. shit. i cant even decide what colors i want to use cause i keep changing my mind. "well, i could... or i could" FUUUUUUCK$#@!#$

dumb and dumber has got to be one the dumbest fuckin movies ever. hot wet american summer is better.

see? 5am and im still up. fuuuuuuck.

i should call tom, "can i come over?".

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