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ok, im up

set my alarm for 12pm and didnt want to get up. then connie called. i almost got up then, but i was like fuck it ill check vmail later. she didnt leave one. oh, well. probably wants to know if im gonna go on location for a week. guess i will, since colin is mia. ill call him later.

i like what my hair is doing right now. its a shame i have to wash it n stuff. though, my braids are all lose, so now ive gotta figure a way to fix. i dont know what i did/didnt do to them. damn me.

ok, so i found the dress. got shoes, though i dont think i know how to walk in them anymore. fuckin aye. i dont even wear shoes let alone heals this high. oh well. well just say im drunk before my first drink, or some shit like that.

not gonna do a thing to my hair. gonna call about and see how much supplies are gonna be. might make some teeth. well see. i doubt it, though. really doubt it. !@#$!@#$!#$@!

maybe i should go to the 99 cent store and see if the have really cheap make-up. i dont wanna pile the good stuff on myself. that shit is expensive!

i want a wax and massage. thats why i should get me a boyfriend. i should go to my school and see if there are any cute guys in the the massage program. there usually is. just not in my fuckin class when i was going :o\

oh, that dude j.p decided not to talk to me cause im not easy enough for him. "farewell". then he came back on last night and was my buddy again. and just now, saying i should visit him instead of going to the club. ummm, i dont think so. and you people wonder why i dont have sex. hellooooo. men are fuckin idiots. that was a fuckin jag move. "ill do/say some incredibly stupid and expect naomi to forget alllllllll about it". uh huh. neeeeeeext!

damn, im in the mood for make-up now. right this second, but i dont wanna have to wear it all day. i just know i wont want to touch the stuff when its time to leave the house. #@!$#@!$@# wheres my massage!

ok, im not even gonna call about supplies. i dont need to be tempted. next year ill go nuts.

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