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Vas te faire foutre, j'ai pas envie de baiser avec toi, connard !

was learnin french last night :oP

i think ive figured it what happened to my credit card. i lost it either on halloween with my make-up pouch, which i just realized is gone, or i lost it with the rest of the shit i left on set when they locked up. this pisses me off so bad. i called the hotel, and they were of no help, and i cant call the place we were filming cause no one answers phones on weekends. oh great, and tomorrow is a holiday. fuuuuuuuck meeeeeee. damnit. i was hoping id find it but it doesnt look like thats gonna happen. damnit. i dont even remember what else was in that pouch. fuuuuuuuck. at least no one has used the card. maybe on tuesday ill find out its where i think it might be. thats would be nice. think ill go down to the hotel and force then to look in the room, if no one is in it. hope they havent rented it out this past week :o\ this really pisses me off. i never lose shit like this. or this much shit. i lost my credit card once, but that was "oh shit i left it on the pump", went back and found out they cut it up already. now ive lost the card and who knows what else. at least 100$ in make-up, im sure. i pray i find that pouch, at least. that would make me feel a bit better. i guess it could be worse. at least no one has used the card. $#!@$#!@$#!@$#!@#$!#$!%%#@!#$!%@#
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