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stupid people

my mom is one of them. every single time i go to turn the stove on there is some sort of liquid cleaner bottle right next to the burner. always. why does she always put the fuckin cleaner there. doesnt the word flammable mean nothing to the idiot. she also leaves cleaners on the sink in the bathroom. i cant have my tooth paste, tooth brush, lotion, or anything on the counter in the bathroom, but shes leaves comet out and lets the cats sleep up there. not only that she broke the fuckin toilet paper holder, so she just put the roll on the counter. HER NASTY ASS CATS SLEEP UP THERE. the counter is always dirty. thats another thing. why does she always have these bottles out, she never fuckin cleans.

lets talk about hoes that wish they were special again, for a minute. who are these hoes that think theyre witches/goddess? jag dated a chick who thinks shes a witch. even got "goddess" tattooed on her chest. more like, "im just a lameass, who wishes she were special". who the fuck would date someone like this? stupid jag, of course. shannon really got me thinking about how pathetic "witches" are. also, ever notice how these idiots wish they were evil? the ones who just want to help and heal are never as lame. its like, these tards are nothing in real life, so they close their eyes and try to tell themselves they have mystical powers and the dark forces are on their side, or some shit. have you noticed, these chicks are usually the biggest hoes? just bigtime skanky hoes. theyd like to think they have some power of over men cause guys are nice to them for a whole five minutes before they stick their dick in em. then where are they to be found? no where. no one with half a brain wants to waste time on a stupid crazy slut than needs a wiccan holiday to justify being a hoebag.

oh, then there are people who cant take responsibility for their own actions. always making excuses. lameass ones at that. just cause i dont always call people on their crap, doesnt mean i cant smell it. i know you think youre clever. i know usually get away with your shit, but thats only cause youre dealing with morons. try pulling your bullshit on someone with a brain, and see how far you get.

oh, and what about people who call themselves artists. "IM AN ARTIST!". hahaha. anyone that has to claim to be anything, be it a witch, or an artist, is just fuckin pathetic. same goes for people who feel the need to tell others how smart and/or good looking they are. its always the people who are lame as hell, who crave acceptance.

with all that said, someone feed me. im fuckin hungry.

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