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sooo tiiired.

i really like the shop manager. hes really, really, really, nice. i dont have to wake up so early no mo, and ill miss traffic. woohoo. today was cool, i got to spend most of it learnin from and helpin cute boy. he used to work with justin (other cute boy). mmm, cute boys. on the way home i fell asleep. i had no control over it. i kept nodding off, no matter how hard i tried to stay awake. i tried not to blink. think im gonna have to by no doze or some shit like that, so i dont kill myself and others.

people that throw big words in sentences to try and sound like they have brain, are lame too.

mmm, cute boys.

damnit, i cant remember the name of the website i wanted to check out. now im gonna have to be like "what was that dudes name, and the url, again?" i hate that. dont know why im not finding it on google.

dwaine is actually online. thats weird. he used to be on all the time when he had the hots for me, but not no mo. maybe he is still on as much as before, he just doesnt load aim anymore. he didnt load it in forever, till i saw him a few weeks ago. maybe he forgot allllll about me. all i know, is he rules for not trying to "make love" to me, and buying that blanket for me on my birthday. it feels nice to cuddle with, and it keeps my ass warm. i told him to buy another one for me, but he said he aint made out o money. fucker.

i want to fuck michael crawfords, and dr.drews, and sonja kraushofers voice.

i bit the inside of my mouth at least 3 times, so now im gonna have holes, and ive broken out. not fuckin good. where the hell is my period, damnit.

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