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there is this song. i love it. "walk on by", by i forget who. i went to look up the lyrics, and the only sites that have them is one that doesnt list the name of the artist and gives incorrect lyrics. the other lists, i think a cover of the song, which had been fucked with (incorrect lyrics again). people are fuckin retarded. its a beautiful song, damnit!$#@!$#@! if i had a tape player, i could type the lyrics up, but the only tape player i have is in my fuckin car$#@#$@%#&%#$%@#$%!@%$!@# im trying to remember without the music.

if you see me walkin down the street, and i start to cry, each time we meet. walk on by. walk on by. make believe you dont see the tears, just let me grieve. in private, cause each time, i see you, i break down and cry. just walk on by.

oh baby, i just cant get over losing you, and so if i see broken in two. walk on by. walk on by. foolish pride, is all that I have left, so let me hide. the tears, and the sadness, you gave me, when you said goodbye. so walk on by.

blah, blah, blah. thats pretty much it.

das muh song, mang.

the song is not by gloria fuckin gainer. if you post her lyrics again, ill ban you. do not disrespect my song.

bet i start bleeding when i wake up. think i feel it getting ready to flow. when i stand up to go to the bathroom, ill start bleeding. how much you wanna (make a) bet.

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