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bleeding. told you.

and of course my zits are on their way out. yesterday morning they we so pissed, now if i hadnt messed with em, they wouldnt even be red. earlier i was in shit loads of pain, but slept with the heating pad, and now i feel betta. im lucky this happened on a saturday. by monday i wont even feel it. my knuckles burn though. im worried about scott. i was told hes has been getting yelled at cause hes been making a lot of mistakes lately. no wonder he was so worried. i think he may end up losing his job. i hope not, cause i like that scott. plus his girlfriend just had a baby, so they need the money. he was feeling really crappy yestday. he was sooo worried. i almost wanted to tell him to go smoke while i worked on it, cause he was sweating like crazy. hope he doesnt get fired. wish jason hadnt told me hes been fucking up. why do people tell me these things!@#$!$@#!

g0sh: i made 300 bucks last night
xangelicdestinyx: now you can buy me dinner
g0sh: or i can buy you a swift kick in the ass
xangelicdestinyx: youre a cheap bastard
g0sh: hahahaha

have i posted my theory about people in the "industry"? people who aint shit, like student directors, extras, even make-up artist (LIKE THE ONES IN MY FUCKIN CLASS), are they worst. they think that theyre hot shit and on the road to fame and fortune, or some shit. they always know best and are on some sort of power trip. everyone else is pretty damn cool. real actors dont fuss about what color lipstick youre using on them, or what youre gluing to their face. people with no talent and extras will wipe your make-up off, to put what they like (gloss for example), FOR A PERIOD FILM. like that one film i worked on. there was a seen of joggers. most of them looked like real joggers. the two who just happened to push their way to the front of the group, had a ton of make-up on. like they were going to a club. more fuckin make-up than the lead actress (who was so nice, and fuckin gorgeous). they also made sure they didnt look anything like the other runners (red and black spandex? the rest for the extras were in worn shorts and sweats). it was pretty bad, but the director didnt seem to care cause you couldnt really see them in the shot, but still. thats not the way to get "discovered". thats the way to piss people off and be taken out of the shot entirely. if theyd have fucked up the shot, theyd have been taken out. idiots. zoe says when she has that problem, and they dont listen to her, she tells the director right in front of them, then they have them with their back towards the camera the intire time. hahaha. like a time out. shes so funny.

which reminds me. jay readded me to his yahoo list. hes the one i told was fuckin obnoxious when he asked me to marry him. lets hope hes not still working in the industry. hes that last person id want to run in to. i could just imagine "yeeeeah, i boned her when she was 18". ahhhhh$@#!#$@! hes worked with people i know, so now ive gotta play nice :o\

awww, damnit. im cramping again.

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