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all gone.

it was amusing for a second, but now its gotten old and pathetic. had to go. get on with life, already.

it other more exciting news. i have to take a shit. i took one a while ago, but i think i my have to take one again. i should set up a shitcam.

i also bought yet another domain the other day. i just fuckin had to. it was 3am, and i was pissed. need to buy something. anyhow, its beautiful. i love it. dont know when im gonna launch it, but is gonna be my favorite of them all. i think. hope so, anyway.

where can i go. i wanna go somwhere. preferably beautiful. i want to surround myself with beauty and... nap.

oh, hahaha. i had a dream about cute boy at work. we were in some sort of crowd. like on a street. as he was walking away i asked him if he had a aim account and what his user name was. $%#@!#$!$@#!@#$

oh, yeah and the other day. went off on someone who is disgustingly pathetic, and just flat out disgusting. that was fun, but i woke up still disgusted, not remembering why.

in another one of my dreams i pulled out two of my bottom teeth. when i was little i used to love pulling out my teeth. i never waited for them to fall out. when i woke up i expected there to be blood, and missing teeth. was pretty damn surprised when there wasnt. maybe even a bit disappointed.

cute boy isnt reeeeeeeally *that* cute, or anything . i just have the hots for him, thats all. well, sorta. hes ok. think i just enjoy liking someone. guess its a good thing i dont really know him, eh? hahaha.

wish id gotten to see phantom of the opera when i was in 4th grade.

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