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i was just talking to leah about how jag is a worthless lying ugly little piece of shit. why did i lock up that post? no clue.

leah needs to move closer. we have fun togetherrr. cept when she tells ugly guys in clubs that i have the hots for them, then they come up to me with a big ole goofy grin on their face, as she runs off to giggle. FUCKIN BITCH.

my hair needs to go.

whoa, i unlocked the post, and its not even on the page anymore. ive been posting too much. ohhh fuckin well.

neeeeed masaaaaaaaaaaaage, damnit. nowwwww.

fuckin, aye. i wish i were sleepy.

i just realized. cute guy at the shop is probably gay. i dont think he is, but that would be my luck. i should ask him, "HEY, HOMIE. YOU SWEET IN THE PANTS? no? oh. you got a giiiirliefriend? NO? can i be your bootycall? alright, meet you in the oven at 6pm".

funny, i shouldnt be posting all this considering collin could be reading it and telling his brother. shit, what if his brother has the fuckin url. hahaha. IM ONLY KIDDING!#$@!$#@! or not :oP guess ill know if he starts running away from me every time i ask him if he needs help with something :o\

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