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i dont think you know what pain is

awwwwwwwyea. my mom wants burger king, that means i get to spend her money on food since im the one whose gotta go get it. i gonna get me some chicken tenders, sourdough burgers, salad, french fries, ummm, hamburgers, and i dont know what else. it always comes to like 10$ for both of our shit, and im fed for like, a day or two. im all for burger king. im just glad its been so long since ive worked there, that no recognizes me. whats scary, is some of the same people are still working there. same position n everything. id say its because they dont speak english, but the fuckin manager who took my order last time could hardly. hahaha. freaky, selena just came on.

last time i went to the 99 cent only store, i bought these sunglasses that are so hardcore. like if i put them on in the house, i cant see. i wore them in the car on the way to work the other day, and didnt need to squint. it was so cool. theyre darker than locs, i think. what ever happened to my fuckin locs. think i got jacked, or stepped on them. thats more likely.

my mom is gonna be my hair bitch, like when i used to have her wrap it in jr. high. i know exactly what i want. i think for a while there i had bells in my hair. walkin around fuckin tinkling all the time. annoying is fun for me. like you havent noticed. mmm, bells.

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