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where am i gonna find me a maaaaan. where do the decent ones hang out. not online thats fo damn sho.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. IM SO GAWD DAMN FUNNY. THAT WAS POST WORTHY. HAHAHAHAHAHA. im so easily amused, and nice to boot. right, gera? :oP

so were makin a list of things to look for in men/people. right now were doin the icky stuff. things to look out for, cause it makes a disgusting man/person. hrm. this is good stuff. i dont even think i need a list of good, just bad. its the bad stuff im trying to avoid in people, im not tryin to be psycho ("hes gotta be have brown hair, and blue eyes") or anything like that.

this is what we have so far. this is also our cleaning house list. if you know anyone like this, boot em. itd probably be a good idea.

people who lie in any way shape or form.
people who whine a lot (whaaa, whaaa, whaaa).
people who feel sorry for themselves all the time (pity me, pity me).
people who are constantly trying to get other people to feel sorry for them (ive been put through sooo much).
people who are selfish (oops).
people who cant take responsibility for their own actions (i wasnt thinking. my friends told me to).
people who are lazy (im jealous of men with boobs bigger than mine).
people over 20 who follow any sort of trend or are part of any type nonintellectual "scene".
people who go to bars/clubs on a regular basis (especially over the age of 25).
people who thinks theyre hot shit in any way shape or form (im so smart. tons of girls want me).
people who are not trust worthy.
people who are not worthy in general.
people without balls, or a spine.
people who feel the need to brag.
people who dont practice proper hygiene.
people who smoke cigarets.
people who arent there when you need them.

im sure theres more, but my head still hurts. so i think wanna sleep, and gera isnt hellping me anymore >:o|

guys who aren't prepared to listen when you have problems
guys who are too concerned about looking manly that they won't give you a hug/kiss in public
guys who think with their dick more than they do with their head
guys who expect to always get sex and don't ever think emotionaly
people who are always expecting something in return for a favor instead of doing it out of love
people who aren't dedicated and won't give you their 100%
guys who don't cut their nails/shower/clean/are dirty/etc
people who try to make you feel inferior because you're a girl instead of treating you as an equal
guys who aren't dedicated and monogamous ( cheaters i suppose )
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