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i just got home.

breathing in chemicals all day looooooong (no filters for the gas masks). who the fuck cares. i told them about how i used to soak my hands in acetone, cause they freaked when they saw me using acetone to take polyester off my skin. so, yeah. looks like im not gonna be able to have kids. to top it off, the faggot (jag) called me while i was workin. i was gonna let it go to vmail, but i figured i pick up and get rid of him.

so no new news on cute boy, other than he seems cool. smoked wit him a bit, so we actually got to have a mini conversation. i thought for a minute he had a date tonight, cause he was dressed up pretty nice, but he stayed late sculpting off the clock. oh, when he left, i was kneeling behind a table and he made a point of saying good bye *to me*. said my name n all. awwwwwwwwyea ;o) cute white boy :oP

im hungry. ate a bit of pizza at work. almost got beer, but jason didnt have cash on him. think i can get drunk at the shop (off of one beer. ha!), then somehow get cute boy to take care me alllllllllll niiiiiiiight loooong? haaahahahahha. !$!@$!@$#!@$@#!

oh, yeah. we talked about moving. he said he wants to get his own place (has roommates) and "settle down". haaahaha. i know what he meant, but you dont say shit like that to girls. maybe he wants to marry me already. damn, im smooth :oP

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