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i was up until 4am chatting with the hizzoe. ive got a date this weekend ;o) how the hell did i wake up?

oh, dan. jaz says we should be together cause wed make a good couple with her "out of the way". so, um, "im takin over" :oP unless she stops being a silly hizzoe, and saying crazy shit like that when shes delirious at 4am. you two silly kids, play nice :o*

ive got a post brewing, but im thinking of becoming one of those filtering type of people. then i can run my mouth till no and end, not worry about who is gonna flip their lid. *teehee*. oh, yes. sounds like fun. plus, less drama fo meeeeee. i started it last night, but cute boy took over my brain and i ended up giddy till i passed out.

man, i really like work, but i think all the chemicals are getting to me. i dont feel so hot. it figures. the one time i like doing something, and being somewhere, its likely to kill me. once i finish this internship, im gonna go make me some bank. probably doing massage. maybe, massage and make-up. then i wont get so bored. shit, maybe ill get a perm gig doing both. maybe somethin entirely different. though, aromatherapy and good music are sounding really good right about now. plus, itll build up the muscles in my legs. those could use some work. so, no mo freelance. gotta pay off this credit card. gotta move. gonna buy stuff i want/need. gots to get ooon.

so much crap i want/need to do. im gonna be so happy someday. im figuring it all out. i think i know what needs to happen for me to be nothin but happy. awwwyea.

damn, i just looked at my hands. my nails are industrial strength. theyd been getting long, and there holding up fine. just one minor chip that could be filed down. its not gonna mess up my nail or anything. they need to be filed again anyway.

ok, im gonna go see about food. then be on my way. bye bye, crazy people.

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