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i got up at 8:30am

why? oh, well. guess i should get ready.

im dehydrated and in a bad mood. i im gonna write "water" on my hand, so i dont forget.

i dont know why im in a bad mood, but i want to hurt someone. damn, i should reserve people for this. there are people i dont mind hurting. not in the least, but then dealing with them when i dont feel like this is such a bother. i just want then to shut their stupid mouths, and go away.

have i mentioned i hate pathetic people? "poor me. ive been through so much. how could you do this to me. blah blah blah." mostly white dramatic people are like this. they make me want to hurt. pathetic freaks can never get on with life. everything is always fucking with thier world. you know who you are. maybe not, seeing as youre dumb and pathetic.

so it seems i have a new obsession with hair. i think i had it before, and never noticed, but i really like nice hair. in fact, i can let an ugly guy slide, if hes got decent hair. what sucks is when they have good hair once, then it looks like shit the rest of the time. that sucks. i want to play with cute boys hair. ive never touched him. weve never even walked in to eachother or anything like that, i dont think. so maybe playing with his hair while he sculpts would be a bit much :oP

hope cute boy is single, so i can continue to like him. i suppose i could find another cute boy, but that would require leaving the house.

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