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damn. i knew it. $%!@#$#! oh, well. he got a phone call, it was her. then he was telling me how he wanted to stay at work, but i guess she hadnt seen him in a bit and was making a big deal about it so theyre off to some bar. i still think he likes me. i make him smile funny sometimes. he also just happened to allude to not being so happy. i say dump the girl$#@!@#$! hahahha. just kidding :ox hes a cutie pie, but i cant call him cute boy no mo. guess i could call him "wild boner". not too sure what that was all about, but i think ill go with chris, since thats his name n all. we got to drink/talk a bit after work. he might have been drunk by the time he left. i was like "she gonna be pissed that you got started without her". he was like, "yeah, probably". po chris didnt seem to happy about having to see her tonight. people knew about his date and kept saying "are you *still* here". heh. oh, and before we even started drinking, we went out to smoke. this time he stayed till i finished (im slow). hrm. i dont know. usually when he smokes, not matter who hes talkin to, he walks off before hes even put the thing out, but it was just us and he stayed. also, a lot of the time, hell walk towards me then stop, and turn around even when im in a corner with nothing for him to play with aruond me. like he wants to come talk, but thinks about it and walks away. also, i catch him lookin at me. oh, man. he just had to have a girlfriend, didnt he. dumb bastard. maybe theyll break up this weekend. haaaaahahahhahaha :ox that fucker was talking to me more tonight, than he ever has, then he just had to run off to meet her where ever. $@#!@$#!@%#!@$@!# ahhh well. hes nice. i like him. hes fun to talk to, too. oh, and i got to play with his hair sorta. i was all "i think you have glue in your hair". HAHAHAHHA. IM A SICKO$@#!$@#!@#$ no i didnt all perverted n stuff. i just wanted to touch it :ox. man, i like workin there. oh. it looks like one of the guys is gonna try to get me either on the payroll, or just some cash for being there this past week. i didnt understand which. i dont know that itll happen, but that was nice of him to tell *someone* who just happened to tell me. apparently they like me (well, duh. im super likeable. *teehee*) and theyre happy with my work. so that was nice to hear. i also mentioned that i might be done with the internship soon, cause i need to start making some cash, and theyre like YOU DONT WANT WORK HERE?#$?!$? all encouraging me to stay a bit longer. i think theyll try to hire me. theyre all about proving yourself, so i think thats why theyre trying to get me to stay and do. chris wants me to take his job. hahaha. that would be fine with me, but id only want to do that if stayed at the shop. dooooont leeeeeave you skinny fucker!@#$@!#$@! thatd make me sad. sad day for naomi. the only good thing about that would be, then id force him to hang out with me. thatd be rough, knowing he got a girlfriend n all, but ive got control over myself. lets hope hes loses his. hahahahjtdfukyflidgut$@#!$#@!$@# kidding. really. thatd be bad. he better not fuck with me while hes got a woman. thatd make a mad naomi. ok, so time to find someone new to be obsesed with. this week has been fun, unfuortunatly its over now and ive gots to move ooon. where all the cute boys at?

fuckin class at 9am. damn those bastards.

i need more clay.

chris looks at me for too long. like, when you talk to people, they look around and do other things as soon as youre done talking, but when his ass was talking to me, he was burning a hole through my eyes to the back of my head. make him stop. hes got a girlfriend. there is nothing to see, damnit#$@!@$#!

jaz, dan is acting retarded. make him stop. he wants to make up with you, i think. either that, or he took an annoying pill.

my skin burns. again.

i wrote on my hand "drink water". didnt i say i was gonna do that? i think i did. anyway, it didnt help. i feel like im gonna shrivel up and die.

you know what would be nice. more beer. next time. i get shitfaced at work and spend the night if i have to. drinkin after work was the best part of today. now im completely sober, and it sucks. drinking right after i found out chris has a girlfriend, was a very good thing to do. cause then i was put in a good mood. thats all gone now. I HATE CHRIS$@#!$!@!

oh, good. head hurts now. yay.

wonder if the alcohol would have stayed with me longer if i hadnt eaten. damnit, but i was hungry$@#!$!@ i need a nap :o\

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