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this lady called me about a movie. they wanna shoot on la, sf, mexico (city?) and yucatan. guess a passport is a good thing to have. heh. meet with her tomorrow at noon. about 3 months of shooting she says. sounds hellish. im gonna have to asks connie what these people are like, since shes the one who gave the lady my number. i dont think theyve worked together, though. the lady sounds nice, but unfuckin organized. guess ill read the script, and see if it sounds worth it. supposed to be set in the 1840s. i cant believe she called me at 9am on a sundy. fuckin aye.

i dont wanna leave the shop :o\

funny, chris was talkin about how it was beautiful day out and we shouldnt have to be at work. he was like "of course, the weekend wont be like this". he called it. you know why? cause im not around. i am sunshine. hahajaghdgasdgfad#$@!@!#$ seriously. move to seattle, it pours in la, and is fuckin sunny there. move back to la, its sunny here, and pours in seattle. the fuckin thing must be stalking me. go away!#$@!#$!@! no, wait. not till i find someone to keep me warm :oP

guess i really will be wearing make-up tomorrow. its a shame im gonna have to neutralize all the red. how fuckin fun. like the blue under my eyes isnt bad enough.

so im thinkin. how do i want to format my resume. cause last night i realized, i can probably get away with putting buffy, angel, firefly and miracles on my resume. now, i could have a section that says "intern", which would be *gay*. no one needs to know if i was getting paid or not. or "movie", "television", ect... or even, "hd", "dv", ect... which would be ok, then have a category for my job title. guess that would be "lab tech". maybe even a section that says "lab". hahah. no. itd still pretty cool, but no. in fact, thats way cool. on set make-up artists dont get respect like people in a shop do. especially for those types of shows. yeeeeeah. i just realized how lucky i got. especially since buffy is ending soon, i heard. i wouldnt know cause i dont watch the show. oh, no! what will happen to "buffy the vampire slayer magazine". heh. theyll be come collectors items. haaaaahaksdhfjsgfkjgf.

hrm. i wonder if theyll let me get a copy of spikes head. ooo, and chris has a copy of linda blairs. i wonder if hell let me make a copy of his coppy. wait, do i fuckin want to schlep stone around every time i move. i dont know about that one.

finally my post from last night scrolled off of my friends page. usually i have to go back a few pages to get to where i left off. livejournal has been dead/dying lately. did everyone get a life, or somethin? youre supposed to be here entertaining me, damnit$@#!$@#!@

did i mention "!$@#!$@#!$#!$@#!"? :oP

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