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i was online all of yesterday being bored, so that lady couldnt get though. i was off for a while in the evening, but she didnt call. i supppose i could call her, but i dont want to. i wanna go to work$#@!$#@!$#!@

my poor face is all red. i got rid of most of the zits, but the ones i thought wouldnt be a problem, are gonna be. they hurt. stuff still in there. so thats pretty fuckin annoying. maybe they just hurt from fucking with them. nah, cause the others dont hurt the same. damnit. i dont wanna wear make-up.

hrm. i kinda dont wanna even wanna go to work. i do, but i dont. i hate when its slow. thats the worst. then when i offer to help chris, he says shit like "i wish my job was more fun" cause i seem so unhappy, but im just bored. slow is bad. oh, but its monday. so maybe it wont be.

i dont have anything to clean to wear today. guess its laundry time. coffee, then laundry.

whoa. my moms getting me drunk for thanksgiving. too bad she wont get me stoned.

fuck. i just know im gonna do my make-up here and its gonna look fine. get to work and under their lights its gonna look like crap, and theyre gonna be like "damn, she doesnt know how do her own make-up".

omfg. kill kill kill.

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