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looks like i may have somewhere to live come january. that would be soooooo cooooooool, but im not gonna get too excited cause something is bound to go wrong. its just funny cause i was telling chris that if i could rent a room for what hes payin (250$), id be a happy camper. then collin was telling me how hes thinking about renting a room, when i asked how much, he said "youre welcome for 250$". not bad. id have space for my stuff n everything!#@!#@#$! whats also funny, is itll be sorta near where chris lives. heh. wait, thats not funny, cause his ass has a girlfriend@#$!@#$!

i hate wind. really really hate wind.

awww, he remembered me. i fucked up by not having any cards or brochures for the shop, so i stalked this dude down. hes nice, id like to think.

"Feel free to contact me anytime with questions about HD production or post
production, the Biz, time-travel, whatever...."

yet another person to add to my list of people to harass. *teehee*

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