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wish my books would get here.

my mom better do my hair this holiday weekend, cause i dont think i can do the back of my head. if i could, thatd be cool, cause id rather not have to deal with her.

oh, yeah. guess shes not getting me drunk. "i dont have any money", she says. of course, this after she hands me a list of whats shes gonna buy and has me chose brands.

i think the lump may be getting bigger. i cant really tell. it had to have been smaller before, cause its pretty big now. itd be nice if itd go away. maybe ill ask santa to get rid of it for me.

i showered last night, so i aint showerin again. ill shower after i get filthy at the shop, cause i wanna come home and clean anyway. i dont like to clean when im clean, cause i just fell icky afterwards.

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