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work sucks

no one has been in the shop. its been slow and booooooring. 4 days off. what the fuck am i gonna do. sitting here will kill me. fuuuuuckin aye, im screwed.

good thing i didnt go to the party last night. at least i told them i wasnt gonna go, so its not like i flaked. chris brought his giiiiirlfriend. the girl doesnt have a name. first it was "i wonder if he has a girlfriend", now its "i wonder what her fuckin name is". oh well. at least he wasnt so pissy today. think i fucked with him too much. he was talking about how mexicans leave their furniture on the street and dont keep their neighborhoods clean. so, i told him that im mexican. its was like he was about to start stuttering. if fact, i think he did. james walked up and i said "chris is talkin shit about my people", and he said "youre not mexican", all nervous n shit. i eventually told him the truth, but i was amusing myself for a minute there. then i gave him shit about other stuff and asked him a bunch of questions. when he would ask me the same questions back, id blow him off. i wasnt so nice. i was bored, what can i say. bored makes me unhappy, and im no good when im unhappy.

i hate amonia, acetone, polyester, and chris. my poor liver and the 23421545 things it has to deal with everyday.

i like blues, greens, deep reds, most shades of brown. sometimes pinks, purples.

when am i gonna learn to play the piano. i wanna play the piano.

i hate i made the mistake of paying for it when i remembered i was gonna have to, cause i figured id forget by the time it was due. wish i hadnt paid it. next year it goes bye bye. gettin rid of, or movin the journal too.

hrm. maybe ill get rid of all this sooner. or move it to one of the other domains. i just hate!$@#!#$!@!

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