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man, i just woke up

and my fuckin head hurts. i wanna drink, but thats probably not a good idea with a headache. so im havin water. we have so much water at work, but i forget to drink it. i should write it on my forehead so people can ask me about it. when i wrote it on my hand, i still forgot. probably cause i had gloves on most of the time.

i want to get drunk, eat some turkey and pass out. is that too much to ask?

so the plan is to stop eating chips, make coffee, clean room, drink coffee, clean room, take dump to get rid of the chips youve been eating (the less food in me, the sooner and less it will take for me to get drunk. the coffee is to speed the pooping process up a bit), clean room, drink beer and be glad that you cleaned up before you got drunk, cause the last thing you need is trip over something and crack your skull open.

time to get stared.

"you are kind of scary. but i find that interesting"

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