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another thing that was funny

the other day (first time we spoke since whenever. long time, so he was being all sad n stuff) jag like "i dont know how to tell you this. i might be going away", so im all thinkin "ok. ill play along".

"where you goin?"
"so if i disappear, just know that i love you"

i forget what i said probably "oh, ok". then he was like "you dont take a hint very, well do you". i told him that he was acting like scott (though scott just goes on about killing himself straight out), and that shut him up. !@#$!#$@!$#!$!$@#! he started to fall asleep on the phone (it was around 6am), so i waited till he passed out to and hang up. i was so glad i managed to go back to sleep.

which reminds me of when i was younger. there was this guy i used to talk to who would stay up all night talking to me till i fell asleep, then hed keep the phone to his ear so id wake him up when i said hello. he was a nice one. just friends, though. lots of people used to sleep with me on the phone. not lately.

scott asked to sleep with me on cam just before i moved back to california. he passed out as soon and hit the floor (he had to move his stuff to the floor infront of the computer). think i ended up staying awake depressed the whole night, then passed out with doggie till jag came home at some odd hour to, bitch, whine and cry as usual (jag in case youve forgtten from the other day, youre a bastard. just thought id remind you). i dont think anyone else slept with me with our cams goin. some of you used to watch, though.

oh, yeah. before we met i had jag set up a cam. that was funny. hrm, what other crap can i remember.

victor used to wake me up every holiday to say "happy whatever". that was always nice. he also would call on weekends just to see what i was up to. my days always sucked till hed call.

boris used to be so damn fine. bet hes all fat, or something now. gotta be married, thats for sure. hes a good daddy, i bet. possibly depressed and drunk now. i could see that.

i used to enjoy wearing make-up and going out. the first thing i would do everyday is get ready to go out, if someone hadnt already called and said "wake the fuck up and get ready. you have an hour". there was no time for slackin in the good ole days.

JP: you are good looking, smart, but not fun

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