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i dreamt

that cameron diaz (probably cause they were talking about her in shop the other day) was my girlfriend. we were sooooo happy together. she had a dick. i didnt see the dick, i felt it. i went to touch her and felt the boner. i remember thinking, "wtf" and trying to pretend like i didnt notice. then i think we had to go to war with aliens, or some shit like that.

jp swears that he is sooo damn good in bed. you know, i think ive heard that somewhere before. i should let him give me oral sex just to watch him fail. hahahahha$@#!$@#!$@!

yay for rain. rain, rain, rain!%#!@$%!@@$#!

my mom just fought with me over food. like ive been stealing it from her. i should be. she cant even shower with the lights on.

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