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today, i would like to talk shit about chris. but i cant. hes just so damn cute. make him stop.

when i told scott i was leaving for the day, he said "awww". haha. that was cute. i think he asked if i was gonna be in tomorrow, but i couldnt really hear what he said, then someone started talking to him so i walked away. as i was about to turn the corner, he came to the door and yelling and waving goodbye. how sweeeeeet :oP

oh, i think i know the girlfriends name now. not sure, but i think i heard someone say it. i was gonna ask him what it is, but then i thought "no, when shes introduced as "my girlfriend", ill be like, "nice to meet you. what was your name again?". then shell dump his ass for not telling about her. haaahahahaha!$@#!$#!$!@#! , wait, no. thatd be wrooooooooong. anyway, i aint that lucky :oP

haaahaha, oh, and get this. we were listening to tom leykis (i dont know whyyy. talk radio drives us all nuts, and chris walks around saying "youre a whooore" everytime a chick calls in. over and over again), and the topic was christmas parties and how theyre evil. that co-workers go just to get drunk and attack the person they have the hots for and/or cheat on their spouse. he was like "if you have plans of doing that this year, call in, i wanna hear them". i was thinking "i should go to my car, and call in. theyll never recognize my voice". $#!@$#@!#!$#!$#!$#!@$!

OH. CHRIS WAS TELLING PEOPLE THAT I OFFERED JIM SEX AFTER ONE BEER. $@#!!@%#!$#@!$@#!%@#%$!# i was only kidding, and i didnt even *offer*. it was more like a question (joke between the two of us), or something. i can hear the guys already, "our last intern..." :o\

xangelicdestinyx: im breaking out
xangelicdestinyx: make it stop
xangelicdestinyx: why the fuck not
g0sh: umm
g0sh: cause you are in LA
g0sh: and im not

he should move, then.

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