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i get woken up at 2am by people who dont have to be awake at any normal time (go figure, eh?) "drive to downey". yeah, right. not only was it 2am, they called the HOUSE NUMBER, and *had* my mom WAKE ME UP. you wanna wake me up at 2am, youd better be local, and have weed to put me back to sleep. fuck this "drive out to bfe", bullshit. god, damn. the more i think about it, the more fuckin annoyed i get. im not your fuckin bootycall. maybe if it were chris, but im not that lucky, and his ass is local. fuck, i hate chris. anyhow, now i cant sleep (obviously). thank god, my beeeotch (leah) is awake, or else id have no one to talk to. love my beeeeeeotch. oh, wait, no. the bitch is leaving me now. damn her ass for having a job. actually, no. shes doing well for herself these days. i remember when she was just a smooth talkin gold digger, but nowww, shes like, almost normal n stuff. i should hang out with her more often. yeeeeeah, we used to have fun. fun like two drunken lesbo whooores. her girlfriend (at the time) was cool, too. didnt get jealous. i thought she would at first, but its not like we were hookin up or anything, so she was cool. ahhh, the good ole days. when clubs didnt bore me. i should call linda. shes fun too, in a weird sort of way. wants to drag me to some place by the beach. "cute guys", she says. im all for that ish. omfg, where the hell is hiedi. damn, that bitch has been mia. i have a feeling im gonna have to stalk her down. somehow.

holy, shit. when i move, chris is gonna be so fuckin local. ahhh!@#$!#$@!@#$!#@$! it pisses me off till no end that i cant flirt with him. its drivin me crazy!#$@!@#$! today he was distracting me like stuart (STUART! STALK HIM DOWN TOO) used to. standing behind me, repeating the same word over, and over again. god, thats annoying. chris is like a cute/annoying kid.

OH, and i was cleaning out his injection gun (so phallic. im not the only one who thinks so. thats not even the entire gun. i should get one of chris just before he injects.*that* would be a funny picture), then we filed it. after that i was like, "you need me?" (to plug the hole) to which he said, "yeah", and i thought "...". the tube was warped from the oven, and he was having trouble pushing the foam through. so hes all pushing hard, and says "fuuuck me", i thought "..." :oP

MAKE HIM STOP!@#!$#@!$@$!

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