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im so sleepy. its really hard to stay awake, for some reason. funny how when i get home from work, i have to take melatonin to sleep. on the days i dont go, i sleep till noon and get sleepy by 8pm.

anyway, ive been in a bad mood for a while now. im thinkin maybe i need to get dressed up and put some make-up on. ed (behavioral specialist at a school i went to) always said that he could tell if i was gonna be a good or bad day for me, wether or not i got ready. if i was juts like "fuck it", i was gonna be pissy. if i got ready n shit, i was in a decent mood. so im thinkin, i should start forcing myself to get ready each day, and see if that helps. its not like i can really get dressed up for work, but im thinkin i could at least do my eyes. yesterday i felt bad cause scott kept asking me what was wrong, and telling me to smile. at least he didnt think i was pissed at him, or something.

i got a lot of bookmarks that i need, today. yay for the internet.

woohoo, just ate. you know what that means? night night.

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