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so i pull out this book "sun sign personality guide. a complete love and compatibility guide for every sign in the zodiac". i just had to buy it after my mom, and hawk bought me "how to seduce any man in the zodiac", by the same author (robin macnaughton). fuck the rest of the book, i wanted to see what it had to say about me and every sign in the zodiac. this is some funny shit.

me &...

aries: we rule if we can get it together before killing each other. trying, but well worth it.

taurus: my energy will excite him, but hes boring and doesnt like my bossiness.

gemini: exciting attraction. will learn not to play games with me the hard way. will have to appeal to my passions to get me to return. well worth it, im "one exciting chick hell never forget".

cancer: not meant for me. i make him cry.

leo: together we are the principle of passion personified.

virgo: not compatible, but i can learn a lot from him.

libra: ill make him nervous and depressed as i injure his self-esteem. im so hot tempered i terrify him, and im so commanding that he feel nauseated when he tries to say no. he just pisses me off.

scorpio: he admires my strength, but resents my lack of subtlety. he likes to be the aggressor, but i always beat him to the punch. will i notice him if he doesnt trip me? in the long run, only my bruises will tell.

sagittarius: makes me feel like one of the most flawed individuals to walk the face of the earth. i lose control.

capricorn: good soul, possibly worth loving. will find me exciting, stimulating, and provocative, but at the same time a little crazy. can be a wonderful relationship if we try to understand each other, rather than fight. worth the effort.

aquarius: stimulates me. i dont want to lose. if i can control my out-of-control feelings, this could be an exciting and rewarding love match. might be better as friends. best of both worlds.

pisces: my temper might give him nightmares, but what i do to his daydreams is quite another matter. he sees me as a sadomasochistic kind of challenge. i see him as a noose around my neck that keeps gettting tighter.
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