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oh, yes. im a sicko.

there are some things i just dont feel guilty about. like being mean or using certain people. lets use tom as an example. last time i went over there, he said hed feed me. he did, and i hung out for a while. but then he wanted to hit the bar, and i was like "ok, well, have fun. i gotta go". sure he got aggravated with me, but who cares. tom gets off on being an asshole to people, so being rude like that doesnt phase me. had it been someone real sweet, id have forced myself (most likely suckered) to hang a bit longer and go to the bar (shit, why not. free beer, right?). same goes with talkin shit. some people i wouldnt talk shit to, or about, cause id feel bad. though, there are others where pointing out how retarded they are (i wont name names), is like, the highlight of my fuckin day!@$!#$@!@#$

i think ive had too much coffee.

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