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sky blue

that shit is pretty tasty. chris decided to drink so i went and picked up the sky blue. i went the wrong way though, so it too 30 mins. he called my cell "WHERES MY FUCKIN BOOZE"? i dont know how he got the number, though. he said its on the board. what fuckin board? he also says he stalks me at night. wouldnt that be nice :oP siiilly white boy. oh, and elvis brought some books for me to look at. hes sooo nice. and he gives (offers!) me cigarets. so does chris. i like them boys. i likes all dem boys (+ one girl). if theres a board of numbers, im taking em all down so i can harass everyone. forever and ever. theyre fucked now!@#!$@#!$#!

weekend time. miss work already. guess i could sleep. sleep is good.

oh, skeet ulrich. isnt he hot? think hes the star of one of the shows were workin on (miracles). i dont know, but thats what elvis said. if hes hot, im like gonna be droolin all over myself. some actor from that show came in today. he was nice. he was like "this place is sooooo cool". elvis was like, "theres coffee in there if you want it" and he was like "no way, i wanna stay out here. this is where all the cool stuff is". he was all excited. it was cute.

nevermind. i just looked him up.
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