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i found some pictures. these are the only pictures i have of some of my favorite people of all time. i also put put a bunch of pictures of myself in, cause these are the only pictures i have of myself. actually there are a ton of my hair. they look like pantene advertisements. people knew i didnt like to have my picture taken, so theyd be like "hey, naomi" and try to get a shot as soon as i turned my head, but im fast, so lots a flying hair pics and ones with my head down and covering my face. anyway, these are the only ones you can see my face.


1st: victor in 8th grade?
2nd: me and this chick sticking our tongues out, but i covered her with victors pic. that was some where around highschool time.
3rd: this dude i was dating was going to purdue (already there. met him in the summer), and wanted a picture of me, so figured "13$? sure". since i was already at the mall, blowing money im sure i shouldnt have been. around high school time, too. he msged me the other day. hes done with school and local again, but boring to talk to so it was short.
4th: me and sammy. end of the 90s?
5th: yearbook picture of boris in the 7th grade. it wasnt my yearbook (i was still in elementary school) and i got sick of holding on to it for this chick, so like, years later i just cut out his picture and threw it away.
6th:*was* a picture of me and jamie on thanksgiving. think he was in rehab at the time. think i got mad it him, and chopped my head off. hes got others of me from that day, though, just not with him. reeeeeally bad ones that use to be pinned to his wall!@#!#$@!#$@
7th: stuart in 9th grade? i dont know what the fuck hes smilin about.
8th: me in 10th grade? with one of the staff members at my school, but i cut her out of the picture. i was actually cutting myself out of the picture, but i held on to my half. i was letting my hair grow out from blonde to brown. i kept dying it brown, but that always faded to a nasty shade of blonde, as you can see, so id just put it up.

i had to take it at an angle, cause of the flash. thought about taking pics of the other people, but theyre no so important. these were my everyday people. well, the everyday people i have pictures of.

funny, in all those pictures i was wearing white (cept one). i almost never wear white. oh, highschool graduation i wore white, and there are pictures of that too. fuckin good ones. i was even smiling n shit, but i dont have any of those :o\

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