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oh no.

OH NO. OH, NO!#$@!#! it seems that there isnt crap to do at work, so i dont really have to go in, then well be on vacation!#$!@#$ AHHHHHH!$#!@#!#$@!$ damnit! also, damn me for not getting stoned after work. someone had a bowl, and i was like "nah, i wont be able to drive", but ended up staying till now (or a few mins ago. i just got home), and there are still people there. i could have gotten stoned, taken a nap, and been waking up right now. fuuuuuuuuckin aye. oh, and another thing. someone was gonna bring me weed tomorrow, but then it turned out to be that hardly anyone is working, so im just shit out luck!@#$!$@#! he did ask for my number, so maybe hell call and will hook somethin up. im gonna miss those guys the rest of this year :o\ i hate this stupid winter vacation!$@!#!@$@!

now im bored. no one to talk to. guess ill eat till i explode.

im mostly sad, cause i think some people wont be coming back after the winter break. im not sure who or how many, but i think i have an idea. either way, i dont want anyone to go.


my books are here, but im not incredibly excited about that at this very moment. i think the one(s) elvis showed me was the best. too bad i cant find it anywhere.

oh, great. no food, but ive got ice cream. oh, yeah. i was supposed to go to the store, huh.

and if i touch my face one more time, im gonna chop my hands off. that fuckin hurt.

oh, scotty thinks the glasses are cute. no one else mentioned wether they liked em or not. bastartds.

nevermind, i have pasta. wish i would have remembered that before i ate all that ice cream.

ok, i made too much pasta.

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