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i slept for almost 12 hours. good stuff. now im blowing money cause i cant find my labret. 23$ aint so bad. i want to blow another 35 at another shop, but i dont know. maybe next year. i should space my shopping out a bit, at least. evidently its ok for me to use supplies from on work on my own time, so im thinkin about playing with their stuff before going to buy my own. cause i was thinking about buyin some stuff. plus i wanna talk to some of the guys first, before i go shoppin, and i wanna see if elvis would let me take that book for a day. i just remembered that school will let me make as many copies of as much shit as i want. ill just copy the pages i need.

damn, i know i said this last year, but id forgotten till just now. NEXT YEAR, i will take pictures with santa. i know what i want to wear n everything. i just dont have it. hrm, maybe if i get bored ill make something real quick. i should finish cleaning. id need some room.

but first i need to make a list. i came to the computer to make a list. lets not forget about the fuckin list.

dude, id have so much money if i could only get off my ass. the sooner i get off my ass, the sooner i make money, the sooner i can make money in other ways, the sooner i can go back to sitting on my ass and sleeping all day. that just seems so far away. want to sleep nowww.

man, i wanna go for a drive. i love my car, but sometimes it worries me. someday its gotta quit.

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