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how sweeet.

leah: by the way, if you want to come over my house for christmas eve dinner, you're welcome to.
naomi: why, dont wanna be alone with the family?
leah: well, i thought you might not have anyone to spend it with.
naomi: awwwwww. you was thinkin of me :oP
leah: yep

reality is, her girlfriend and boyfriend arent local, and are probably busy with their families. damn hooker.

naomi: were good at pissin it all away (we were taklin about money)
leah: we piss LIFE away
naomi: thats for damn sure
leah: we're fuckwads, naomi. we need to smarten up.

hahaha. did she realize this just now? haaaaaahahhahahaha. were different, though. shes scared, im lazy.

i dont see how i can still be sleepy after almost 12 hours. i cant stop yawning. there has got to be some sort of medication for this shit.

well, that woke me up. i just had a fight with leah. she was trying to get sympathy from me, and i wouldnt give it to her, then she started to attack me. so i was like, "lookie here, beotch". she even attacked my car. "my car will be better than your car". hello? at least ive got one, dumbass. anyway, my car is good. its not all new and shiny, but it does what cars are supposed to do.

its sad. shes smart, funny, and all kinds of good stuff, but shes also 5425256225234 kinds of fuuuuuuucked uuuuuuuuuup.

its a shame she ran away. itd have be a good little debate, if she hadent gotten so riled up.

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