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im sore

from movin shit all over the place. i found all kinds of stuff id forgotten about. its funny cause i really dont own anything thing other than clothes, a few things for the kitchen, and phones. oh, and blankets. i found my electric blanket and my mom washed it. since ive been digging through all my crap, i found the cord to it too. im gonna be nice a toasty tonight.

oh, fuckin 5am and tom calls. not my cell phone, the fuckin land line. id have been pissed, but i was wake and didnt have shit to do today anyway, so it was cool. he was drrrunk. hes funny sometimes. i was almost to go over, but i was like "fuck you its 5am, some other time". could have made myself 10$, and gotten drunk though. not a bad deal for a few minute drive. its sad when people offer me shit to come over, and im still too damn lazy. oh, aaand he offred to take me to the museum. he was like "come on, will go be artsy fartsy". it would have been interesting to see if tom could control himself at a museum. we fight sometimes. hes like "youre a bitch. we should date, id like to see who would win". whats sad is that is the same type of relationship he has with the love of his life. its just a big ole game. theyve been doing it for something ridiculous like 10 years now. they are whacked, but he loves her. its really sad.

then jag woke me up to tell me hes got deer, or some shit like that. i forget, i was half asleep.

now im up, fed, and thats about it. im too lazy and bored to move. but sitting here hurts my ass. guess ill finish up. that would make me happy. rickett said it would feel good to get rid of stuff even if i didnt really want to, and seeing the amount of shit that im about to trash to have more space, and keep things better organized, is already making me feel better. then i just have to do my laundry.

SlaveToLoveU: Seasons Greetings *&^%$#
xangelicdestinyx: thanks

i dont even know that person, do i?

HAHAHAHA. jaz is still expecting payback from her call at 2am. shes paranoid.

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