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treat me like im a bad girl, even when im being good to you.

im bored. cleaning is boring. ive run out of places to put things so now i just keep moving crap around the room. its gotten old. i have to shit. blah blah blah.

okokok, so i need to figure out what to do with the rest of my crap, clean up, take the garbage out, vacuum, transfer some of my make-up crap, ummm, shower, sit at the computer bored of my ass, get bored of that and finish my book, come back here to be bored again, then wait till im sleepy enough to sleep. fun fun fun.

what else can i type here to make the seconds seem to go by faster...


i really dont wanna move shit around anymore. there is just nowhere to put this crap. wish i had a fuckin closet!#@!#$!$#!@$#!@

ok. thats it. im done. no more. im moving on. this is as good as it gets without a closet and space of my own.

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