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hiedi called. yay for hiedi. we talk for hooooooooours. its great. shes better than any boyfriend. calls when she says shes going to, calls when she doesnt say shes going to, calls just to say shes gonna call. she loves me. she really does. she gets all mushy on me and starts cryin. its craaaaaaazy. quiana used to do that too. well when id go away, and call, her mom would say i was on the phone and shed start crying. that was back when she really loved me. not like the bullshit "love" she talks about these days. i aint stupid.

so ive been invited to a party, cause im desperate, and there will be boys there. "lots of boys? lets invite naomi! shes desperately seeking boys boys boys":oP hopefully ill get off my lazy ass and go.

jeremy just logged on. i want my list. NOW. bet he doesnt have it. im not even gonna bother.

once again, yay for hiedi.

for future reference:

I think you are interesting. I am a 26 yo filmmaker, Buddhist, vegan, and I
like to skateboard, surf, swim, and many other things.

not enough to get me interested, mr. generic-email-sender.

oh wait. he has an aol address = aim. i might be that bored.

nahhh. he sounds lame.

maaan, wheres hiedi.

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