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i cant tell. i just, well not just, but a few hours ago i spoke to the duuude from work. i left him a message, and figured if i made a huge ass of myself while stoned, hed just ignore it. well, maybe. they avoid this one chick, so i thought they might do that, but he does have see me at work, so maybe not. anyway, he didnt. he mailed me back, and said to call him. so i did. we were on the phone for a bit. i hope that means im not an ass :oP i also worry about his girlfriend. i dont want her to think that i want her boyfriend or anything like that. she seems cool. im glad. shes really cute, and seems like she might be genuinely sweet. next time im gonna stay sober and try to talk to her more. it was difficult while i was stoned, cause i was trying to stay on track, and not say something fucked up.

oh, then i spoke to my beeeotch. she got fucked up last night too. i missed a call from her on my cell, but figured she had to work so i didnt call her back. turns out she was up all night, and so was i. i should have called her ass. she said she got all drunk and obsessed with me. kept trying to catch me on aim FROM SOME DUDES HOUSE, n shit. i guess she was telling stories about me too. she says he was supposed to call her and didnt. he probably thinks shes a big lesbo now. haaahahaha.

its amazing. i want my list from jeremy, right? i figured id ask. so today i ask, but i dont get a response. now i remember him doing this type of shit to me before. god hes annoying. is it to much for the retard to just answer me? apparently so. whats sad is hed be on top of shit if he thought there was a chance of getting laid. i sorta feel sorry for the guy. its been so long, and he hasnt changed at all. 24 years old, and still just a big ole dork. only hes not the interesting type of dork, hes just the "what a dork!" type of dork. wheres jag. hell make a list for me.

or not. oh well.

oh yeah. so hiedi and i decided that were just gonna get stupid around each other, cause its funny when its just us. when its with other people, it sucks. so from now on stoned with certain people, or by myself. much betta.

hahaha. you see how paranoid i am about those people? sucks. its a lot easier to hate everyone, and not care. how can i get back to that? why did they have go and be normal, decent people!%@!@#$!

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