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fuckin in aye. my sleep schedule is fucked. if i could only stay awake till 8pm. but im tired. ive been watching dvds, playing with myself, sculpting with the wrong damn clay, playing with myself, reading, playing with myself, burning bridges, playing with myself, shivering. tiring shit, man. tomorrow/today i have to see about getting a box, and waiting in line at the post office. fun fun fun. hope brad doesnt wake me up toooooooo early (ya hear that, brad!?! :oP). im so sleepy. i love this feeling. though its painful when you cant sleep for whatever reason, and your eyes start to cross, n shit. thats not so much fun, but once im done with this i get to curl up and go to sleep. yay.

shit. i forgot to mail connie back. i need to white merry christmas emails, cause sending them after christmas would be bad. tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow. what day is christmas on anyway? i think its the 24th. maybe the 25th. soon is all i know.

hrm. i was just thinking. fuck going to the breast clinic. i had too many bills, and miscalculated (i seriously thought id been jacked). now ive gotta put more money in to the checking account somehow. im not gonna spend 100$, get poked, only to get called back cause they need to run even more tests or some lame shit like that. fuck that. its not cancerous. thats why i keep tellin myself, anyway. it cant be. id be dead now, right? right. wouldnt my boob be horribly disfigured, or something? its gonna be 10 years soon. its gotta be a friendly lump. and i play with it all the time. it loves me.

i keep scratching my sculpture with my nails. theyve gotta go. but i wanted to see how long theyd get before theyd break!@#!$#!@$#!@ im surprised theyve made it this far. my real nails hold up better than the secretaries fake ones. she was moving something, and broke one. she wasnt too happy. i bet i wont be happy when i break one, cause itll probably be a painful thing. that and i worry theyre gonna poke through my gloves while im dealin with somethin nasty.

wish there was water in my cup.

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