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all alone now

Bagamaagan: well, I'm gonna go. I cant sit here any more... komput0r is killing me
Bagamaagan: see ya lat0r
xangelicdestinyx: laaame
Bagamaagan: hahaha I know... sorry to wimp out on ya
xangelicdestinyx: fuckin puss
Bagamaagan: hahaha

fuckin fucker. now what will i do? damn, damn, damn.

i know. shpping list.


i think thats it.

what should i get myself for xmas? did i already get myself something for xmas? would spending more money be a bad idea? will naomi do it anyway? cause naomi is just looking for reasons to buy stuff? is the only thing that prevents naomi from buying stuff every day, the fact that she never leaves the house? does naomi talk to herself a lot? is naomi her favorite person to talk to?

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