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i thought i slept through xmas. thats tomorrow. laaame.

i keep getting up later and later. soon ill be starting my day at 9pm. im gonna have to fix all of this in january.

i need to figure out who my cellular service provider is gonna be. my contract is up in a few days, and im not gonna stick around. only thing that sucks, is im gonna need new cards made :o\

i guess thats ok, though. i didnt do what i wanted last time. i just got some cards quick, cause it sucked not having any. i know exactly what i want them to look like, its just gonna take a bit of time, supplies, and money. but its gonna be coooool.

oh, alexander called. he wanted to do this orphans of xmas, thing. i dun wanna. i let it go to voice mail. i was sleeping, anyway. maybe i should call back though. hes entertaining. at least hes not stupid, and hes pretty damn funny. i just dont wanna be bothered. for some reason were talking about star signs, and he was like "oooh. aiiiries woman", then kept commenting on it. thinks he likes the thought of that too much, and didnt want me to take him home. he almost let me drive past it, but i knew where i was going from the night before. it was just down the street. i just realized. of all the guys, and two girls, the two girls ended up driving. laaazy fuckers.

i should get my day started. like, brush my teeth, go potty, get something to eat/drink. guess thats about it. maybe go to the grocery store. should probably shower before that, though.

since i planned on getting drunk for xmas, i guess i could do that. i dont know if i wanna do that tonight, or tomorrow. hrm. i feel like ive eaten, though. i was gonna say, if i dont eat, ill get drunk easier, then i realized how full i feel. i only had hot chocolate. unless i ate something, i dont remember eating. i think its just the hot chocolate. i should go get booze.

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